Civil Rights leader calls for release of all political prisoners

By Atlanta Rally Organizers
ATLANTA, Georgia - The President of the Association of Black Elected Officials and State Representative Tyron Brook, called for the release of "all elected officials and political prisoners" now languishing in the hands of the EPRDF regime in Ethiopia.
Speaking at the rally held last Tuesday at the Atlanta Marriot Century Hotel protesting against the foiled meeting targeting the Amhara ethnic group, Mr. Brook reiterated that "we want to end this tyranny and harassment" and demanded the release of "the Martin Luther King Juniors of Ethiopia".
The renowned Human Rights leader, who took one of the front seats inside the assembly hall, before the meeting was called off by gutless Deputy Premier Addissu Legesse, congratulated the protestors for barring the premier "from using this opportunity to propagate an agenda that is not supported by you."
He further noted that "there will not be any support from the American people, in spite of the fact; he may have support from George Bush and the White House."
Asked why President Bush supports the totalitarian regime in Ethiopia, the Human Rights leader replied: "unfortunately the United States government supports too many dictators around the world. We support democracy and people to demonstrate without being incarcerated for opposing a regime."
Members of the police force were taken by surprise to witness a well disciplined behavior by the protestors who handed them flyers and photos of innocent victims of last year's elections. Some of them were seen expressing sympathy and disbelief that such inhuman acts would have taken place in this modern era.
Along with Mr. Brook, Reverend James Orange, a contemporary of the late Martin Luther King Jr. of 1960s and other members of civil rights movement in Atlanta were at hand to express solidarity with the Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans in their struggle for democracy and the rule of law in Ethiopia.
A local Woyane agent had in the past made a repeated fruitless attempts to win the support of the Association of Black Elected Officials or at least neutralize its stand against the dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi. Leaders of the Human Rights movements declined full-board offers by the agent to visit Ethiopia and make them "friends" of the tyrannical regime.
The successful and vibrant protest of last Tuesday was organized by Mahidere-Andinet Ethiopian Civic Association in close cooperation with the newly formed members of the local Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, UEDF, ENUPF and peace-loving individuals.
In a related development, Addissu Legesse and his entrouge faced a similar protest a day earlier, where they met with a handful of sell- outs at Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown.
The protestors withstanding the heavy downpour accompanied by gusty wind, jeered the local Woyane breeds and tagged them as Hodams and neo-bandas.
One of the invitees was later quoted as saying that she had no knowledge as to who the guest was and hinted that she had been misguided by certain individuals.
The Atlanta protest was seen by many observers as the most successful and energetic rally against the Deputy Prime Minister who faced humiliation after humiliation.

Source: Ethiomedia

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