Brig. General Hailu Gonfa and Col. Gemechu Ayana join OLF abandoning TPLF regime

Asmara, 15 September 2006 – Brig. General Hailu Gonfa, a senior Ethiopian Army commander, and Col. Gemechu Ayana, commander of the 8th Mechanized Force, joined the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) abandoning the TPLF regime.
In a message they conveyed to members of the Ethiopian Army after jointing the OLF, the two senior Army commanders said: “At a time when the dictatorial TPLF regime is resorting to increased suppression against the Ethiopian people by stealing the people’s voice, continuing to be at the service of such a repressive regime would only aggravate the people’s suffering. In this regard, we call on all members of the Ethiopian Army to detach themselves from the illegal regime and follow our example.”
The Eritrea media would like to announce that the interview conducted with Brig. General Hailu Gonfa and Col. Gemechu Ayana would be presented next Monday.
It is to be recalled that a month ago, Brig. General Kemal Gelchu arrived in Eritrea safely, heading tens of Ethiopian colonels and hundreds of soldiers along with their full logistics, communication equipments and military hardware, abandoning the TPLF regime.

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