11 Ethiopian Females detained in Garbo Town

Reports reaching our service desk from the town of Garbo confirm the arrest and detention of eleven civilians who are all young females. The detention of these females took place on August 28.
Local sources privy to the inner workings of the Ethiopian forces deployed in the town of Garbo reported that all eleven females are currently held within the military garrison. Relatives of the detained females are said to be wary of the possibility of their female relatives being raped by the Ethiopian militias.
Rape is becoming the most potent weapon used by the Ethiopian military against the Ogaden civilians. Civilians living closer to the military garrison where these innocent females are held report the screams of the females day and night as it appears they might be tortured.
So far our reporter in Garbo has not been able to confirm all the names of the detained individuals. Only one name has been confirmed so far. It is that of Fahima Sheikh Ali who was visiting Garbo from Jig Jiga.
In a related report, a sampling of the rapes that took place in areas bordering the place where the Quusiye battle took place, indicate that about fifty rapes have taken place. Most of the rape victims have been women many of whom ended up becoming pregnant as a result. It is not yet known whether the rape victims have completed these pregnancies to full term or not.

Source: Ogaden Online News

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