TPLF Mole Lidetu Ayalew Confronted by Ethiopians in Washington DC

Early this morning, at about 8:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, Lidetu Ayalew, the TPLF mole and modern day banda, was found at Jurs Hotel near Dupont circle in Washigton, DC and was confronted by angry Ethiopians.
The angry Ethiopians were tipped about Lidetu's whereabouts and went straight to the hotel. The first person who arrived at the hotel lobby saw Lidetu lurking in the lobby and approached him. The Ethiopian guy said to Lidetu, "Ante Nefese geday leba. Professor Asratin na Ye Kinijit meriwochin Yasbellah, etc, etc." Lidetu was visibly shaken by the unexpected confrontation, his lips shivering, his knees trembling, and his mouth bone dried said, "do you know where you live? This is America, etc., etc." At that point other angry Ethiopians showed up and the situation got out of hand. Scared for his life Lidetu summoned the front desk clerk to call the police. He was thinking that the police in this case was the Agazi murderers that he used to call at will to shoot at his detractors. The front desk clerk called the hotel manager and informed him of the tense situation between their h otel guest and the Ethiopians.
When the hotel manger showed up, he asked the Ethiopians what the problem was. They told him that the guy staying in their hotel is a murderer who is responsible for the imprisonment and death of so many people in Ethiopia. The hotel manager asked the angry Ethiopians if the confrontation was related to the political situation in their country. They told him yes. Since no robbery or beatings took place and the verbal exchanges had to do with politics, he refused to call the police. Lidetu could do nothing to chase away the angry Ethiopians. He went back to his room and stayed hidden. Later more Ethiopians showed up but since he could not get out of his room they disbursed. Lidetu's next trip is to St. Louis, MO. Why St. Louis, no one knows. This could be a disinformation campaign, however, his likely destination could be either Colorado, where TPLF cadres bu ild large business empires or CA.
Lidetu and Dr. Beyene had been reported to have been on radio talk show in Minneapolis, MN. Their trip to the US was arranged and coordinated by the US Embassy in Ethiopia. Lidetu and the other TPLF loyalists had been reported to have meetings with Mr. Yamamotto at the State Department. Their aim is to sway OLF leaders from the TPLF's opposition camp and encourage them to join TPLF. The prize will be power sharing and cash awards.
Now we understand why Lidetu's idol worshippers from Canada and Europe were making loud noises the last couple of weeks. In the long run, Lidetu and his collaborators will not escape justice for the duplicity of Lidetu in the murder of Prof. Asrat and the incarceration of Kinijit's leaders. I say this to his followers: When truth stands in your way, it's time to change directions.


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