The Failed Mission of Addisu Legesse in Silicon Valley

By Girma Bekele
As reported yesterday, Addisu Legese the ethnic merchant in the service of TPLF, was in Silicon Valley to sell his anti Kinijit propaganda under cover of investment and development in the so called "Amhara Regional State." The TPLF political elite regard the manipulation of ethnic loyalty as the cheapest and most reliable strategy to acquire and consolidate power. Since the appeal of ethnicity as an instrument of political mobilization is largely seductive because of its emotional content, Addisu was hopping a large number of "Amharas" would flock to listen to his development plans in the region he purportedly represents. Who showed up to greet him? You guessed it - selectively invited Tigrians and a few Eritreans who were promised to cash in from the development plans representing Amharas.
To be sure there were a few hodams from Amhara ethnic groups as well but their number was miniscule to the 20 or more Tigrians and Eritreans at the gathering. Out of the 20,000 plus Ethiopians residing in and around Silicon Valley, the gathering could not attract more than 25 people. A secret service agent who was accompanying Addisu asked Ethiopians who gathered outside the meeting hall, "I know the problem in your country and I also know large number of Ethiopians live here but it is funny that the presence of a high government officials could not attract more than two dozen individuals." The response he got was that no one wanted to meet a cold blood murderer.
What Addisu hoped to accomplish during his presence in Silicon Valley did not turn out as planned. In stead he was confronted to answer the reason for the imprisonment of Kinijit leaders and the civic society. The entire session was dominated by question and answer of the prisoners. Those who attended the meeting and confronted him reported that Addisu was arrogant, abrasive, immature in his response. He reportedly said that in accordance with the Ethiopian culture Kinijit leaders were approached by "Shimagiles" for peaceful resolution of the political problem. Since they refused he said, this was what he uttered in Amharic, "Be Agerachin Bahil, Lij Ciatefa Yiqonetetal." The equivalent English translation is: "in accordance with our Ethiopian culture, when children get out of line they get pinched." This response is a testament to his rude and arrogant behavior.
In the absence of his Agazi bodyguards and in consideration for his safety from the Ethiopians he came to visit, Addisu was given secret service protection. Imagine this scenario. His purported mission is to speak to Ethiopians about development plans. At the same time he requests protection from the U.S. government for his safety from the same people he came to visit.
Outside the meeting hall Addisu was confronted by angry Ethiopians who called him "Ante Leba, etc." After the meeting Addisu and his invited guests drove to Hilton Hotel in down town San Jose accompanied by U.S. Secret Service personnel. Once again a few hodams dressed in business suites were seen arriving at the hotel to dine and wine with the butcher of Ethiopian children. The next stop over for Addisu will be Seattle. I hope that Ethiopians in Seattle will give Addisu Legesse the treatment a murderer deserves.

The names of those individuals who were attending the dinner are being compiled. The Ethiopian people deserve to know who is collaborating with their oppressors.

Source: kinijit

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