Ethiopian protesters force cancellation of Atlanta meeting

By Organizing Commttee in Atlanta
ATLANTA, Georgia - A meeting called by Adissu Legesse, the surrogate deputy prime minister of the EPRDF regime for this afternoon Tuesday 29 August 29 2006 at Clairmont Marriotte Hotel was cancelled due to the overwhelming presence of angry protestors.
There were also a large number of police officers who at about 5:00PM told the gathering to leave the hotel because the meeting was "cancelled." The protestors exchanged cogratulatory messages and showed two thumbs up and left the place peacefully.
One of the members of the rally organizing committee talked to Mr. Michael Cannizzaro, Chief Security Officer at Marriotte and asked him why the meeting was cancelled. Mr. Cannizzaro replied that the meeting was called off by "him," referring to Addissu.
All said, genuine Ethiopians have once again demonstrated that Atlanta won't be a safe heaven for neo-fascists who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Ethiopians and thousands of others languishing in Woyane's prisons.
Humiliated in Seattle, San Jose, Boston and today in Atlanta, Addisu Legesse may wrapp up his "Tour of Bankruptcy" by visiting Washington, DC, a city famous for its warm reception, or fly back to Addis Ababa.

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