Deputy Prime Minister Addisu Legesse kicked out from Atlanta

Source: EMF
Ethiopians in Atlanta made history today. Nearly 100 police and security forces were in the area. The security was tight, and police was searching each people. It was like USA is on high alert…
Addisu Legesse was scared to step down from Police car and face Ethiopians protesters. Artist Solomon Tekalign was one of the protesters on the front line. Addisu begged Security guards to protect him from Solomon Tekalign and others. Addisu Legesse refused to step down from Police car unless Solomon Tekalign left the place. Security guards did force Artist Solomon to leave the place as requested. However, hundreds of others were ready to confront the killer, Addisu Legesse.
Most Ethiopians dressed “Kinijit’s Atlanta T-shirt”... Hundreds of Ethiopians were inside the hall. The situation was so uncontrollable… Addisu Legesse and his friends scared to show up. Police was ready to bring him at the back door but he scard to death.
At last, the security forces approached Ato Cheru Terefe, Kinijit’s representative in Atlanta. Ato Cheru Terefe who dressed the green, yellow, red flag with Kinijit’s logo headed to auditorium and showed his two fingers, “V”… Kinijit’s sign. Ethiopians in the hall, showed victory sign and cheered.
Ato Cheru grabbed the microphone and said, “Victory for the Ethiopian people!” The hall was stormed… he continued, “Addisu Legesse’s meeting is cancelled!” people were clapping… and start chanting, “Addisu Leba! Addisu Killer!”. Ato Cheru Asked everyone to respect the law of the land and leave the hall. Ethiopians were singing and cheering when they left the hall.

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