TPLF is asking IOM for assistance only for 2,000 Ethiopians

Today, In a press release, IOM, International Organization for Migration, “There has been much focus on the evacuation of nationals from developed countries. But as the increasing number of requests to IOM from governments show, there are many, many thousands of stranded migrants from poorer countries who are in a particularly vulnerable situation and who must not be forgotten,” said IOM Director General, Brunson McKinley.
IOM continues on its statemnet saying that most of the stranded migrants are without money and travel documents. Many, if not most, are domestic workers brought to Lebanon by recruitment agencies and whose families depend on the remittances they send home.
TPLF, which estimates it has about 20,000 of its nationals in Lebanon, is asking for assistance for 2,000 people it says are in a dire condition.
What about the 30,000 women and over 10,000 men Ethiopians who were sold to Lebanon? Don't they need assistance?
What about the rest of stranded Ethiopians in Lebanon who have asked to be evacuated?
IOM says that these migrants have been abandoned by employers who have already sought refuge elsewhere.
I suspect those 2000 people are a group of people from SAA(Shire, Axum, Adwa).

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