Shaleka Getachew Mengste / Prisoner of conscience: CUDP executive member, in serious health problems

The meeting of EPRDF cadres and officials the whole of last week was concluded with an understanding that there are still elements of the opposition at large who are destabilizing the government. According to some participants, the officials told the cadres that they should be ready for a further action against the Kinijit supporters who collaborate with the diaspora to bring down the government.TPLF is continuing its repression unabated. The political space is completely closed. Civic organizations like CRDA are under serious threat. Surrogate bar association is formed. There is no free press.
Meanwhile, the prosecutor in charge of the Kinijit trial will finish presenting documentary evidence next Wednesday
Kinijit executive member Shaleka Getachew Mengste is having serious health problems. Doctors at the Police Hospital said that he has a life threatning testicular infection. Since imprisonment, Shaleka Getachew had undergone a surgery for prostate cancer
After this blog posted the financial problems of the families of many of imprisoned Kinijit members, some readers suggested that I make a call for Ethiopians in diaspora to sponsor families. I thought it is better for my security if a trusted volunteer/volunteers outside of Ethiopia take an intiative to create a fund for them. I may help in other aspects once the fund is created. Since Kinijit in NA has failed to fulfil its duties, let's think about other ways of helping the families of our heroes and heroines. Please put forward your suggestions.


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