Response to: ESFNA has denounced the Representative Maxine Waters speech, then what?

by Alemayhu Kejela
You slander on the federation is a continuation of many political parties to destroy the only venue that bring Ethiopians together. Your right to speak is a noble idea but you failed to be on the record by putting your name on your accusation and violated the very essence of the accused confronting the accuser.
By any legal precedence you have no case what so ever slandering an institution while you hiding your name. This coward act makes you a suspect as you yourself being a TPLF cadre than those officers of the federation you accused.
If you have a case you would come public as individual or the institution you represent and ask to confront the federation in public and make your case.
You are also ignorant of how a non-partisan non-profit institution works. If you did you would not slander the good name of the federation with out making yourself available for comment. It also says more about the blog who allowed you to accuse an institution with out requiring you to put your name on your accusation.
We have learned from the defunct political parties of the past who accuse any thing and every thing about individuals and institutions who attempted to do some thing good for Ethiopians locally, nationally and internationally to destroy them from doing their job with out coming with a better alternatives. I have no doubt you are a member of one of those defunct group who believe noting should be done with out you and with out your blessing.
Yes the federation is right to clear its name from the political statement the congresswomen made. The guiding by-law dictates it does that. If you know what a by-law is you would not open your mouth and embarrass yourself as a fool. But since you operate in a vacuum all your life you think the world function in a vacuum.
That said, I would agree with you, the federation should stop allowing sponsorship from any political persons and TPLF affiliated business including the famous AlMudi, but the way you put your accusation says your mission is to destroy the federation than proposing changes. You should be ashamed of yourself calling yourself Ethiopian but no better than TPLF itself.

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