Professor Mesfin's moral courage

The great teacher of non-violent resistance , Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, is still a great moral leader in prison. Prison sources say despite his suffering and sometimes poor health Professor Mesfin's spirit is incredible. He teaches fellow prisoners, political and non-political, the wisdom of Ghandi and the honour of suffering for freedom. He is cheerful and appearing to get younger everytime. Sources say that he seems to cherish his suffering for love and freedom as the past great leaders of non-violent movement in other parts of the world. His stature and teaching is also rekindling hope in all political prisoners. Professor Mesfin thinks ethical principles are not worth much if they only remain intellectual doodads. In August last year, He was quoted as saying that his prayer was to die and not to kill. The great man is living his prayers.

Source: ethio-Zagol

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