Meles says, "Ethiopians living in Lebanon have so far faced no problem."

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of TPLF statement on Ethiopians in Lebanon says that:

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised Ethiopians against traveling to
Lebanon until the crisis in that country improves.
The Ministry said that it is inadvisable to travel to Lebanon due to the prevailing crisis.
The Ministry also said that Ethiopians living in Lebanon have so far faced no problem.
Ethiopians in Lebanon are living with their employers safely
, the
Ministry quoted the Ethiopian Consulate in Beirut as saying.
For those who want to return home, the Syrian government has given permission to all citizens to fly home via Syria.
The Consulate is discussing the issue with Ethiopians living in Lebanon, the statement added."

and today Ministry of Foreign Affairs of TPLF switched its own statements and now saying that
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is undertaking activities to evacuate
Ethiopians in Lebanon following the Hezbollah-Israeli political crises.
The Ministry also said there is no causality Ethiopians in Lebanon encountered so
The Ministry said it is undertaking efforts to bring voluntary Ethiopians back to their homeland through Syria lest they could be victimized by the shelling going on in Lebanon.
Ethiopian Consulate in Beirut in cooperation with Syria and the United Nations is undertaking efforts to evacuate Ethiopians from Beirut, the Ministry said.
The Consulate is providing Ethiopians in Lebanon with information on ways of evacuating the country as well as preparing lese passé for those Ethiopians without one so far.
In addition, the Consulate in cooperation with Ethiopian community in Beirut is
undertaking various activities and finalizing preparations to transport the
Ethiopians to Syria by buses. Similarly, discussions are in progress with
Lebanese officials on ways in which Ethiopians detained in the country could be
released and deported to Ethiopia, the release said."
I pray that there are no casualtiess to the Ethiopians through out Lebanon. TPLF has never protected any Ethiopian nationally or internationally, in fact, TPLF has always been killing and murdering the people of Ethiopia in Ethiopia, and harassing Ethiopians globally. Ethiopians do understand that TPLF pays over $50,000 dollar every month to the lobbyist group DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary in the United States to block HR5680 from passing in the House Floor. Instead of wasting the $50,000 of TPLF is paying to DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary so its dictatorial regime will stay in power for years, it would have been better for Gods sake to help out the people who are in need of help.
We, Ethiopians, have no government to save our people's life and we request the donor countries to help us out in saving Ethiopians in Lebanon.

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