Ethiopian women become the "target" of the Israel-Hezbollah war

The chaos in Lebanon has left many Ethiopians stranded or endangered. Today there are about 80,000 Ethiopians in Lebanon, according to press reports, these large numbers of Ethiopians in Lebanon are in a more difficult position.
The International Organization of Migration (IOM) has a team in Lebanon on behalf of the governments of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Moldova and Ghana but not Ethiopians. According to our sources, the Ambassador informed IOM and other Non-Governmental Organizations that the Embassy has the capability to mount its own evacuation.
But the case stands out quite the contrary, with an estimated 80,000 Ethiopian nationals in Lebanon of whom 50,000 are women employed as domestic labor. According to our sources, Ethiopian domestic workers have become omnipresent in Lebanon. It isn't surprising to learn that the employment process is the 21st Century slavery and the workers often mistreated as slaves.
These Ethiopians earn more than they could in their homeland, Most of them went to Lebanon to do cleaning, cooking and caring for children-jobs that Lebanese are generally not willing to take though the services are in high demand. Ethiopians went to Lebanon with the intention of working hard to make better lives for themselves and their families. In most cases, Some are struggling to be paid fully, and many simply had their wages withheld. Statisticss do show higher rates of reported maltreatment in Lebanon than elsewhere in the world and is perceived to have the highest rates of worker abuse. Ethiopian workers living in Lebanon experience some form of maltreatment, physical and sexual abuse, ranging from non-payment of wages to verbal, according to our sources.
These Ethiopians are in an area which was directly on the onslaught of the bombing. There are so many problems these Ethiopians are facing to move themselves out. The families they work for and other many drivers are not willing to take these Ethiopians to the safest areas in Lebanon. The other problem these Ethiopians have faced is that roads and bridges have been destroyed by the Israeli bombing in the area. The Ambassador to Lebanon, interviewed by the VOA Amharic, Addisu Abebe, said yesterday that the Embassy is helping these Ethiopians to be moved to Syria but our confirmed sources revealed that the Embassy only helped the people from "Tigray" region and those who are supportive of TPLF. These women have paid over $500 USD to get assistance through the embassy but the embassy is now shutting them down without giving the promised assistance.
The TPLF embassy was hiring buses to transport those who are originally from Tigray and supporters of TPLF. The embassy have only evacuated about 12 members of TPLF cadres in Lebanon.
In the meantime, it appears that the Lebanese have begun accusing the Ethiopians as they are "Bete_Israelites(Flashas)" and the Lebanese have kept on attacking these Ethiopians due to the Israeli aerial bombing in Lebanon.
Given the number of Ethiopians scattered all over Lebanon and Syria, and due to the conditions on the ground, the fact that many of these Ethiopians don't have travel documents, and the Lebanon employers locked these Ethiopians in the house like their domestic pet so they don't have to leave the country is ruthless, these young Ethiopian women become the "target" of the Israel-Hezbollah war.
Meles is spending the money that he was funded from World Bank to invade Somalia so that he can satisfy his Thirsty For Blood.

God Bless Ethiopia

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