Ethiopian troops abandon Somalia border town

BELED HAWO, Somalia July 4 (Garowe Online)
ETHIOPIAN TROOPS abandoned Beled Hawo, a border town in Gedo region, early Tuesday morning. The Ethiopian soldiers arrived in Beled Hawo on July 1 in a convoy of 9 armored vehicles.
Conflicting reports have emerged about where the Ethiopians went after they left the town. Some reports say the soldiers went to Dollow, a frontier district north of Beled Hawo, while other reports indicate that the Ethiopian soldiers headed for Baidoa, the seat of Somalia’s interim government.
On Monday, Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Gedi denied the presense of Ethiopian troops inside Somalia. Ethiopia is a major supporter of the Baidoa-based Somali government and has vowed to defend it against any attack from Islamists who took control of Mogadishu a month ago.
Ethiopian troops have also been sighted in Jawil village of Hiran region in central Somalia. The rulers of Mogadishu, the Islamic Courts, accuse Ethiopia of meddling in Somalia’s internal affairs and have demanded the Ethiopian government to withdraw its military forces from Somalia.

Garowe Online News

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