ESFNA has denounced the Representative Maxine Waters speech, then what?

This article explores the political behavior of the non-profit and non-political association called Ethiopia Sports Federation in North America. This non-profit association is justified in Los Angeles 2006 sports festival regulating under what TPLF allowed the association executive committee to do in the political arena. The first step the association took in LA is to block all the interest group for Ethiopia to Ethiopians not only from coordinating Ethiopians in Diaspora to participate for the problems which Ethiopia and Ethiopians are going through under the regime of TPLF but also announcing that ESFNA is denouncing the Representative Maxine Waters speech.
The reality about Ethiopia is now a fact and theories can not judge any Ethiopian being found concerned on the situation in Ethiopia which the country and the people is under atrocious condition. Interestingly, Trying to skew an American law on Ethiopians and to turn aside the problems of Ethiopia are by themselves manipulations of the public mind for TPLF political purpose in North America, and it is depending on how Ethiopians look at the whole ESFNA in general regardless of any theories fixed within ESFNA.
The inconsistent and inadequate administration of ESFNA by the money minded executive committee or Board members of ESFNA shouldn't have discouraged concerned Ethiopians from participating in the festivity process. The evidence that was found in LA demonstrates that the executive committees or Board members badly misused the festival to carry out businesses which are only commercial businesses that TPLF and Al Amudine are supportive of. This the-so-called "soccer" tournament significantly lashed out at the interest of Ethiopians and the Ethiopians who are suffering of human rights abuses. The result in LA shows that the most disadvantaged Ethiopians with sleep deprivations, and mental distress received no representation in the festival.
ESFNA, the darling of Woyane, has found the Ethiopians in Diaspora extremely easy to program, for the structure of the TPLF manifesto of Diaspora(refer to Woyane's secret plan to attack Diaspora-Ethiopians(source:EMF)) , to easily lend itself to easy penetration, especially since the Ethiopian Diaspora refused to be drawn into the mad commodity of the TPLF Regime. TPLF cadres and its sponsors intensified their campaign against the wonderful Ethiopians who are struggling to the millions of Ethiopians, and in particular supporters of AFD.
Concerned Ethiopians have a lot in hand to work on and the tasks required the full mobilization of Ethiopians in Diaspora in confrontation with ESFNA, which has sought protection from TPLF and its sponsor, Al Amoudin. Ethiopians in Diaspora must respond to the crisis we are in with a holding action, exposing the Executive Committee and Board members of ESFNA politicizing the event during the LA 2006 soccer tournament which they campaigned to get rid of all Ethiopian voices from the public eyes. On February 27, 2006, I expressed my frustration on the Distructive Cult "Mohammed Al Amoudin"....
Mohammed Al Amoudin acknowledged that he is backing up the brutal TPLF group which is known for its dictatorial regime all over the world. He gave his own 5.5 millions Birr to support the killings and slaughtering of Ethiopians. Al Amoudin becomes a major cause of political instability in Ethiopia, and his involvement in all levels of TPLF helps him to monopolize all sorts of resources through out Ethiopia. The impact of his corrupted style of business making in Ethiopia and on poor Ethiopians is more tragic that one can ever imagine.
Power but not justice prevails in Ethiopia. That's why the dispossessed and poor people of Ethiopia are paying reparations to the rich man "Mohammed Al Amoudin" and TPLF cadres in Ethiopia and the impoverished and poverty-stricken will now have to foot 50 years back-pay to the bloody Meles Zenawi, the terrorist, who managed to overthrow Ethiopia's popularly elected leaders and keep them in prison.
ESFNA has gladly introduced its sponsors the EAL(Ethiopian Airlines) and the Sheraton hotel more than anything else. Ethiopians in Diaspora should realize that this is the time to act on ESFNA and as well we have to begin to disconnect ourselves from the TPLF regime that sponsor terrorist activities in Ethiopia and catches us the other way around through associations like ESFNA thus the key to success in the long run to find freedom and democracy to our country is by boycotting ESFNA and manage to boycott any festivities by ESFNA in the future. As member of our current affair puts it "IF ALAMUDIN SAID HE DIES FOR TPLF AND ALAMUDIN SPONSORED ESFNA ,ESFNA ALSO WILL DIE FOR TPLF AND ALAMUDIN". Check the link and figure the sponsors out .
For the most Ethiopians in Diaspora, the struggles in Ethiopia has followed eagerly, and they looked favourably at the transition CUD leaders took upon and their sacrifices, who moved innocent by-standers from remaining idle or inactive citizens of Ethiopia to supporting the struggles of Ethiopians for unity and freedom, and they have developed organisations to address all the problems Ethiopia is facing now, but they also have increasingly found it necessary the innocents to distance themselves from those cadres and members of TPLF who reinforce ethnic myths about ethnic groups being oppressed by another ethnic groups.
Del Le'Ethiopia Hizb!!!

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