EPRDF is punishing the jailed leaders of Kinijit by denying proper medical care and attention

On Tuesday, eight prisoners made a plea to the court to order prisoner authorities to imrove their medical care. According to sources, Birhanu Nega's helath is worsening by the day. The authorities have refused to accept the recommendation of doctors to move him to another cell. Instead, more than 50 people, some of them with serious health problems, were moved to his cell last week, pushing the number of prisoners in that cell to more than 450.
Even the younger leaders aren't spared of the medical problem. The youngest of all, Muluneh Eyuel, is suffering from eyesight problems. It was believed that his condition was caused due to his confinement in solitary cell without proper light for more than a month. Birtukan Mediksa is also having minor skin problems caused due to poor hygiene conditions.
Adil's court refused the plea of the prisoners, raising jurisidictional issues. The prisoners ask for a more concerted effort to make human right organizations and foriegn governments aware of their plight.
Meanwhile, some of the families of the prisoners are having serious financial problems. Except for the few top leaders, support for many of the prisoners has been non-existent for the last two months.

PS: It had been difficult for me to access the internet for the last ten days as I was out of Addis Ababa . I thank those who were really worried about my well-being. The above news was compliled by a contributor to this blog.
Source: http://seminawork.blogspot.com/

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