80,000 Ethiopians are stuck in Israel-Lebanon war zone

Almost Hundred Thousands of Ethiopians in Lebanon are facing a potentially deadly dilemma. They are not capable of deciding how they can survive in an increasingly unstable country, Lebanon or try to escape the War Zone.
About 80,000 Ethiopian Men and women working in Lebanon, mainly as servants for the past decade, and Ethiopian women who are trafficked to Lebanon for a decade, are struggling to survive in isolated and dangerous places in Lebanon along one of the most volatile areas of Hezbollah. The outside world knows little of their plight.
IOM, International Organization for Migration, reported that there exists a network of women traffickers in Ethiopia. According to IOM, There have been numerous accounts of young girls traveling to the Middle East to work as house servants and nannies, some of whom are abused, including sexually. US government reported that "a network of persons based in the tourism and import-export sectors who are involved heavily in soliciting potential clients, recruiting young girls, arranging travel, and fabricating counterfeit work permits, travel documents, and birth certificates".
Today, IOM press release( http://www.iom.int/jahia/Jahia/pbnAF/cache/offonce?entryId=9046 from Lebanon says: "IOM has already been approached by the governments of Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh and Moldova to help evacuate those nationals who want to leave Lebanon." and it shows that Ethiopians have no government which cares about its own citizens unlike Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Moldova.

Lebanon - An IOM team is in Lebanon today to assess the situation and
numbers of foreign nationals who need to be evacuated to a third country
following an escalation of conflict in the country. IOM has already been
approached by the governments of Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh and Moldova
to help evacuate those nationals who want to leave Lebanon. The Organization has
also been asked to identify accommodation for Sri Lankan migrants until their
evacuation to Syria or Jordan by land as well as a place there that could host
the evacuees until their eventual repatriation to Sri Lanka. With the situation
extremely fluid, the Sri Lankan government said it expects the numbers of its
nationals wanting to leave Lebanon to reach the thousands. There are an
estimated 80,000 Sri Lankan migrants in Lebanon. Prior to arrival in Lebanon,
the team was in Syria partly on a bid to gauge the numbers of foreigners who
have already fled to Syria and who may also need evacuation. IOM is talking to
donors in order to help finance the evacuation of the stranded foreign nationals
as well as liaising on the ground with the Lebanese authorities, the UN,
embassies and others. For further information, please contact:

Jemini Pandya, IOM
Geneva Tel: + 41 22 717 9486/Mobile + 41 79 217 3374E-mail: jpandya@iom.int

In response to the pressures put on upon TPLF regarding on no protection to Ethiopians in Lebanon, TPLF has given the Ethiopians in Lebanon another "citizenship" called "Eritrean" to those who don't have a passport in the War Zone of Lebanon. TPLF is found playing with innocent Ethiopian lives again and enjoying the sufferings of Ethiopians in Lebanon.
Meles Zenawi sold 38,000 Ethiopians, 30,000 of women and 8,000 of men, to Lebanon this year. These innocent Ethiopian women and children in Lebanon have nowhere to go in the war zone. TPLF and its big corporation Ethiopian Airlines are demanding that they will only accept and serve those who have Ethiopian passport and pay the Airfares up front. TPLFs know that danger is waiting in the darkened streets of Lebanon for these children of Ethiopians, Women and Men, who don't have nowhere to ran and hide from the bombings. The Ethiopians in Lebanon who tried to leave Lebanon via the Syrian borders, they are suffering because they have no enough water and food, and as well there is nothing at the borders and the wait to cross the border is taking days for them.
We, Ethiopians in Diaspora, are pleading to the international community to help and evacuate those Ethiopian women and men from this dangerous situation in Lebanon. We ask donor countries in arranging transport for these Ethiopians who are trying to flee Lebanon amid continuing violence between Israel and Hezbollah militants. Concerned Ethiopians should contact:
Jemini Pandya, IOM
Geneva Tel: + 41 22 717 9486/Mobile + 41 79 217 3374
E-mail: jpandya@iom.int

God knows how many of Ethiopians trapped in the war Zone.

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