1,500 Ethiopian troops enter border region

MORE THAN 1,500 Ethiopian soldiers crossed into Sarirale district of central Somalia's Hiran region, which shares a border with Ethiopia. Witnesses said Ethiopian military movements inside Hiran regionfrightened residents but the situation was reported to be calm.
The Ethiopian troops' presence inside Somalia's border regions have been steadily reported for the past several weeks. Ethiopian troops inside Hiran region are said to be watching the movements of Islamic Courts militias who took control of major Hiran towns in June.
In a June 27 interview, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said the Islamists in Somalia were a "threat" to regional stability. Both the Ethiopian and Baidoa-based interim Somali government deny the presence of Ethiopian troops inside Somalia. The Islamic Courts leadership in Mogadishu has repeatedly accused Ethiopia of military incursions and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Ethiopian military forces from Somalia.

Garowe Online News

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