One of Ethiopian Free-press Journalists is in critical condition

EMF – Report from Yemen confirmed that one of Ethiopian Free-press Journalists is in critical condition, due to lack of money. According to the report from Yemen, Tamrat Serbesa is in life threatening condition.
Tamrat Serbesa was the former editor-in-chief of Menelik Newspaper. Tamrat Serbessa left Ethiopia eight months ago while EPRDF regime was banning the Free Press and jailing all free press journalists. He is now in Yemen with Daniel Gezahegn, another Ethiopian Free-press Journalist.
“Tamrat’s health is not in good condition. I am working hard to get money to buy food for both of us. I walk half kilometer everyday to get water and food. The temperature is too hot to live; it’s about 45 degree Centigrade (113.00 degF) at this summer time.” Ato Daniel Gezahegn said, “I thank you Ethiopian Free-press Journalists who collected and sent me $ 200.00”.
“All the money has been spent to save Tamerat’s life. Thanks to Ethiopian women refugees in Yemen, they are volunteering and cook our food, which helps us to survive”.
“Last time, I have asked an immediate assistance for Tamerat from UNHCR. For your surprise, I have signed not to ask additional money from them and got 2000 Yemeni rial, which is equivalent to 100 Ethiopian Birr. There is medication problem in this country. I can not afford to buy the prescribed medicine…”
At this moment, there are more than 20 Ethiopian Free-press Journalists in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Egypt and Yemen. Most of them have applied to UNHCR for resettlement and waiting for response from officials.
We, members of the exiled journalists, need your unconditional contribution to save Tamrat’s life. Ato Aklilu and his team are delegated to collect and send money to them. Those who are in USA contact Ato Dawit Kebede at 678 437 5597, Ato Aklilu Tadesse at (+) 1 616 322 8807, for Europe contact Ato Girma Endrias at 47 55 20 34 13 or email at for further information.

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