EPRP/UEDF and the power struggle

The group called EPRP/UEDF led by the arrogant former EPRP members does not represent the interests of the broad masses of the population in Ethiopia. The group should think carefully and use their heads, and reject ideological dogma and their Marxist-Leninist doctrines. In order to win the heart of the people, they should restart their plan strategically, mobilize their own sources of power instead of trying to snatch the supporters of CUDP. They should learn how to undermine the dictatorship, Meles and his co., intelligently.
It is not difficult to dispute the grim diagnosis of the EPRP condition, which appears destined to become even more critical. It is deeply disturbing to see the members teetering at the edge of TPLF fragmentation.
Ethiopia is large and very important country to all of us but is also on the brink of civil warfare across ethnic and religious divides. TPLF and EPRP, the two Marxist-Leninist groups seem to tell Ethiopians that they are holding the keys to resist civil warfare across ethnic and religious divides. EPRP, especially, is now threatening that any form of formation of political Alliance is an assault to Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the political chracter assasinations being exerted on those political or Armed groups, especially the most influentials, such as CUDP and OLF, are becoming unbearable.
Many has reported and decried at length the interference by EPRP members in propagating Anti_AFD sentiments. All EPRP members regard the memorandum of AFD as a threat to vital Ethiopian interests as they are claiming that EPLF has its hands on the creation of AFD.
The massive and unrestrained intervention of EPRP/UEDF has aggravated the political conflict and brought Ethiopians to the brink of slowing the struggle down.
AFD member political organizations has barely commented on the role of EPRP/UEDF, which is intervening to manipulate the struggle for democracy and unity in a somewhat character assasination, and on a greater scale damaging the unity of Ethiopians. EPRP support for the TPLF and EPLF ranges from the early 1970's Military training in Assimba, to Marxism-Leninism political system establishment in the regions of Tigray and Eritrea, to the killing of millions of innocent Ethiopians. EPRP have openly sided with Meles after the aftermath of the November election, which was won by CUDP according to last year election observers.
The Meles regime in Ethiopia, TPLF, is already working closely with Western interests - Somalis Expect US, Ethiopian Intervention . Currently, he succeeded in maintaining relations with World Bank and institutions , as far as I know, and securing further credits in Somalia crisis that rocked Moqadisho and other cities of Somalia. However, since the 1970's militant war and the removal of King Haileselasie, the interests of EPRP/UEDF had/have been to recognize Marxism and Leninism and would not hesitate to stop its aggressive drive for domination.
Following the last demonstration in Addis which led to the prisonment of CUDP leaders and members, EPRP once again sought to cuddle up for power in the struggle for freedom and democracy. It attempts to accommodate accusations against AFD and its member parties. whenever EPRP and the cadres failed to impress Ethiopians, EPRP continues with its aggressive strategy and groomed the Meles Regime, TPLF. All the members of EPRP/UEDF has close relations with Meles Zenawi, TPLF leaders, and TPLF cadres - That is why EPRP leaders and members have been in the forefront to attack CUDP - in the name of AFD.

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