World Bank should stop supporting terrorist TPLF

The World Bank summary says:
"The World Bank Country Office in Ethiopia organized a consultation on the Interim Country Strategy (ICAS) with the leaders of the minority parties in Parliament – Ato Bulcha Demeksa (OFDM), Ato Temesgen Zewdie (CUD), Dr. Negasso Gidada, Prof. Beyene Petros and Dr. Merera Gudina (UEDF) on February 15, 2006. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ishac Diwan, World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia and Sudan."
Organizing a consultation on the-so-called "Interim Country Strategy(ICAS)" With again the-so-called weak minorities parties representatives, which the Meles Zenawi Regime referred through its dictatorial parliament to have a dialogue with World Bank, and ignoring newly-elected opposition party members of parliament who are prisoners of conscience are by themselves conspiracy theories. Mr. Ishac Diwan should reconsider his consultation not only with the-so-called minorty leaders from Meles regime parliament but also with those prisoners of consience who are newly elected opposition party members.

Here is the "Objective of the consultation" of World Bank:
"The objective of the consultation was to seek the views of the participants on the draft ICAS, particularly in the following areas:(a)relevance and appropriateness of the priorities outlined;(b) potential role of non-state in implementation; and (c) safeguards to ensure transparency, accountability, and results. Mr. Diwan stressed the importance the Bank attaches to consultation with diverse stakeholder groups to ensure broad support and confirmation that its assistance would benefit the people of Ethiopia. The participants welcomed the initiative by the Bank to reach out to them and other stakeholder groups."
These actions are the responsibility of both World Bank and Ethiopians in general. The needs and desires of the World Bank, Ethiopia, and Ethiopians in need should be assessed in the context of political conditions in the country and on the security of the people who are living in a very difficult situations. World Bank needs to help diagnose the political, social, and economic problems which exist in Ethiopia right now so that all Ethiopians can understand why World Bank took the initiative to seek views on the areas mentioned above. Member of the oppositions who are suffering in prison, in particular, need to be centrally involved on the three areas so World Bank's assistance would benefit the people of Ethiopia but not the people who are waiting to steal the assistance which is supposed to be helping the poor Ethiopians. The strategies to accomplish these areas: a) Peace, b) The release of all prisoners of consience, C) separation of Military and Politics.

World Bank 15 month Interim Strategy:

"Mr. Diwan made a PowerPoint presentation on the 15-month ICAS, which replaces a regular Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) during this period of declining political governance since the May 2005 elections. He noted that a new three-year CAS would be prepared following the successful implementation of the ICAS. Mr. Diwan outlined the following main elements of the ICAS: (a) deepen support for “core” governance; (b) protect and support the provision of basic public services in a fair and accountable way; (c) improve urban governance and service delivery; (d) enhance the investment climate and support private sector development;(e)promote rural development; and (f) support the expansion of infrastructure (particularly roads and electricity) that underpin economic growth, including along growth corridors (e.g. Tana growth corridor). Mr. Diwan also shared with the participants the Bank’s pipeline of projects for FY 2006 and 2007. Below is a summary of the discussion that followed after the presentation."

The replacement of a regular Country Assistance Strategy to Interim Strategy objectives should have been for promotion of democracy, good governance, and respecting human rights. This interim country strategic plan for Ethiopia only serves the TPLF regime under the name of "rural development" to re-establish itself and its power so TPLF and its cadres can keep on their attack on the innocent poor people of Ethiopia. Establishing democratic practices, good governance and the protection of human rights should be the main elements of World Bank's Interim Strategy during this period. World Bank's Interim strategy must seek a way of equitable treatment for citizens of Ethiopia to compete for their demands instead of providing support to TPLF cadres within Woredas, Kilils and each level of the regime.

Mr. Diwan continues on his presentation and describes Ethiopia's need:
Relevance and appropriateness of the ICAS priorities

"There was general agreement that the priorities outlined in the ICAS were appropriate for the present political and economic context of Ethiopia. The participants highlighted the need for greater focus on development of an equity market and markets for agricultural inputs and output; irrigation; microfinance, and housing finance. They also called for an expansion of the growth corridor concept beyond the Tana Basin area to one pilot per region."

Within the present political and economic context of Ethiopia, the highest immediate priority should have been given to develop a true democratic processes within the country, to respect human right and freedom of speech, and to help the release of the prisoners of conscience. Focusing on rural development and markets in undemocratic Ethiopia has given the World Bank and IMF a result of cash exodus rising to 103% over the past five years( . The existence of weak and corrupt local officials and the manipulative TPLF systems principally serve those TPLF cadres and will bring the potential for civil unrest and conflict through out the country. I am quite sure Mr. Diwan will look at those important issues to solve the problems in Ethiopia.

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