TPLF - The Murderer

In the name of terrorism, the simultaneous attack on Ethiopians is at large since Meles took power in 1991. Over the last fifteen years, Ethiopians have suffered a planned attack which the Meles regime set in the name of "terrorist" through out the country. The Meles Cadres are jailing and killing many Ethiopians who have repeatedly given up hope to patiently look at being targeted by various leaders and members of TPLF. It is a very well known fact that Ethiopia is forcely governed by the terrorist group called "TPLF" and it is for sure to know that this terrorist group will not stop terrorizing the people of Ethiopia and the country.
Meles is always sniffing blood none stop and Ethiopians are being sacrificed for his thirsty. the unconventional use of violence against civilians makes Meles himself a terrorist as long as he is targeting civilians as enemy of TPLF. The political violence used by Meles is random, immoral and unjustifiable. The term "Democracy" is being used to Meles's ethnic politics so he won't be identified as one of the terrorist which the Western, right now, supports fully. Meles carried out terrorist activities to paralyze and demoralize Ethiopians with fear in different part of Ethiopia, and also to pressure western into conceding to the terrorist's agenda. He resisted efforts to suppress his organized crime and developed technical murder into a political activism taught through TPLF cadres.
The Terror originated at the central committee of the TPLF that aims to destroy internal political opponents and civic leaders and to chase the external forces which oversees the human right abuses in Ethiopia. Ethiopians understand that Meles is threatened both by internal oppositions and civic leaders, and by the diaspora fearing that the era of TPLF would end quickly. It is a matter of survival that lead Meles to terrorize, kill and murder on the street of cities and regions of Ethiopia. With the backing of the Agazi army, Meles managed to stay in power, to jail innocents and murder Ethiopians. This is a policy which the TPLF used violently to repress and crush Ethiopians who oppose to Meles regime.
TPLF is causing the central quarters of Addis Ababa and the rest of major urban and commercial areas to be shut down. Meles is sending his Agazi Army who used Grenades and Bombs against the people of Ethiopia who worships the freedom of movement and peaceful life. On top of torturing and murdering innocent Ethiopians, it becomes clear that TPLF is engaging itself in terrorizing the people of Ethiopia by installing grenades and bombs in public areas of the capital city Addis Ababa.
TPLF have unquestionably been caught ruining the country to keep Meles as absolute monarch, under the guise of democracy. TPLF consistently, and as a matter of course, violate the human rights of people of Ethiopia to such a degree that for all practical purposes human rights do not exist. Ethiopia becomes now that there is no state , where there are few or no public authorities who care about Ethiopians. TPLF does not guarantee human rights but terrorism, violence, and dictatorship.
Since Meles took power, his authoritarian rule, which is supported by Agazi army, ingrained violence as the norm of his regime. There is no other reason to destroy the capital city or disrupt the lives of Ethiopians. These destructions clearly show the world what power simply does for power's sake. Meles himself considers the people of Ethiopia no more than fleas - when Ethiopians get in the way of TPLF, Ethiopians are swatted and squished.The western should stop funneling their fund to flare violence in the lives of Ethiopians. Even though foreign interest plays a major role in sustaining the rebellion by Meles group, the UN and the rest of developed countries should recommend peace to stabilize the country instead of creating chaos to worsen the situation in Ethiopia. Understanding with UN and US attention directed elsewhere, US, in fact, will lose its vital interests at stake as the world know that it played a major role in supporting the dictator Meles. Open your eyes!!!

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