UN is joking

The problem which we are tired of listening, reading, or watching on the News is not a problem of neither Ethiopia nor Eritrea, but it is a prevaricating of those two arrogant terrorist groups called "TPLF" and "EPLF". The war itself is a tool that has been used by these two groups to redirect the main issues away from the western world.

Both TPLF and EPLF need the "war" in order to deafen the people across the border so that they can promote violence, hatred, and totalitarian political agendas. It is clear that many misconceptions about Ethiopia and Eritrea and ways about this coming "war" have been announced by these two imbecile combatants , and it is largely due to their severe mental retardation. Their stupid propaganda that adds up false conceptions of immortality have arisen again and again. TPLF and EPLF both incite people to hatred or prejudice.

Meles and Isayas were often delineated outside their country by the western world leaders as divine figures but these two devils are hated, dishonored, and disrespected by the people that they are claiming to be leading. Both Meles and Isayas are often treated as objects of ridicule in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Their anti-Ethiopia policies are very well known in Ethiopia, but even though the UN, US, and UK are funneling their fund to these two cursed bestial inhumanes, all the innocent people in the horn of Africa know that Meles and Isayas are threat of evil who lack human sensibility.

The UN should have concentrated on, as it defines the UN convention, condemning , thwarting, and punishing their acts that are intending to annihilate ethnic , national, and racial crime. It is estimated that any percent of UN effort can prevent the bloodbath since these two evils are in power. Peace, right now, doesn't appear to be in the foreseeable future. The suffering will continue, the violation of political, economic, and social human rights will endure unless the UN can bring about a halt to the brutal dictatorships.

Meles and Isayas would rather see Eritrea and Ethiopia hurled further into the depths of social and economic villainousness than give up their stuck-up search for ultimate political puissance. Their fruitless struggle for power keeps on continuing. Ethiopians need a decent leader who will try to bring reconciliation which definitely sets him/her apart from the numerous tyrants who populate all of the Meles and Isayas Regime. With the problems in Ethiopia more or less still ignored by the International community, and the country is forced to go to war to fight Meles and to preserve the freedom of the country. The opposition leaders(doesn't include CUD leaders) will need all the intellectual and military resources to succeed in the long term as they are not getting any help from any outside forces including US.

Despite US policy of creating divisions among the political groups , TPLF is struggling for cultural power holding ethnic violence as a method of influence which is an explosive. US is required a change in its Ethiopia policy based on the reality. Certainly, no vital interests are in jeopardy as long as Meles is kissing the only remaining superpower's butt.

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