TPLF's Ethnocenterism: Killing Ethiopians for protesting

Tegbar League promises to draw tens of thousands of Ethiopian protesters, with the largest events scheduled to take place from March 20 to 24 . Unfortunately, the prospect of violence by a Agazi Army and members of Woyane has cast a broad pall over the lawful protests planned by thousands of peaceful Ethiopians. The Woyane Regime is bracing itself with the intent of destroying property and creating disorder, incidents of lawlessness and property damage. Unfortunately, the possibility of unlawful activity will never obscure the fact that the vast majority of the Ethiopian protesters converging in the Cities are coming out to engage in one of our most human right: peaceful, and public protest.

For every Agazi Army member or Woyane who may attempt to deface or destroy property and kill innocent Ethiopians, there will be thousands of people peacefully marching on the streets of Addis Ababa, Dese, and each and every year, holding protest signs, leafletting on public sidewalks, and continuously gathering outside on the streets.

It also indicates that the Woyane Regime is more interested in arresting people than in respecting their human rights. Nonetheless, statements by Woyane officials suggest that the Agazi Army is using the prospect of lawlessness to crack down on the many peaceful Ethiopians . The Woyane Regime is not committed to respecting the rights of people who wish to engage in peaceful, and public protest. Peaceful demonstrations were attacked with extreme force by Agazi Army; CUD leaders were infiltrated by Woyane Cadres who used guns; Civic leaders were prevented from practicing their freedom of speech; people were beaten with batons; protesters had guns pointed at their heads and killed at checkpoints.

TPLF finds that Ethiopians who protest are the equivalent of its enemy. Leaders and Members of TPLF found peaceful demonstrations are more annoying than any other gatherings because they are spending too much money to spread anti_Ethiopian programs that promotes dictatorship. From the perspectives that I gathered, the protests in Ethiopia were/are peacefully and obedient, and an understandable response to years of TPLF's intimidation in the political struggle .

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