Shabia - Not a solution for Ethiopians

Some of us may think Shabia will bring the solution to the problems Ethiopia now is facing under the regime of Woyane but It is a foolish idea seeing Shabia part of a solution when we know that Shabia is part of the problem. Shabia had given birth to Woyane and Woyane is the product of Shabia which is created to destroy the whole Ethiopia. The uncertainty and hardship which Ethiopians are going through is a struggle that many people are dying for to bring the united Ethiopia but not the ethnic factiousness that strangles the whole country.

Opportunistic groups may take "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" perspective in order to find a solution for the problems both Shabia and Woyane dangerously plagued Ethiopians into which are famine, starvation and drought during the existence of these two dangerous groups.

Any Armed struggle which is supported by Shabia will never be able to find a solution to any part of Ethiopia, as far as I am concerned, since Shabia inflamed the anti_Ethiopia Anthem all over the world for over 45 years. Any Armed group should come up with a better solution rather than holding talks or having a joint task with the enemy of Ethiopia. What is the armed group going to do if Shabia and Woyane start kissing each others lips? Is it not a danger for the people who came out to join the armed struggle?

Military strategy may seem to be very different than political strategy but, as far as I can see the armed struggle, it seems to be put underway after the millions of unarmed Ethiopians spontaneously took the street of each and every towns to condemn the Woyane Regime. Politically, the pressure Woyane regime is getting now is way too much to handle for the leaders and followers of Woyane and Ethiopians are winning all the way. The Regime has to be crippled politically, economically, and socially before setting the armed struggle emotionally.

Let us think about it! There are a lot of task ahead of us before we are attempting to shift the struggle with our enemy Shabia/Woyane.

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