Mohammed Al Amoudin: "I would give my life to TPLF."

Arkebe and Al Amoudin
Mohammed Al Amoudin acknowledged that he is backing up the brutal TPLF group which is known for its dictatorial regime all over the world. He gave his own 5.5 millions Birr to support the killings and slaughtering of Ethiopians. Al Amoudin becomes a major cause of political instability in Ethiopia, and his involvement in all levels of TPLF helps him to monopolize all sorts of resources through out Ethiopia. The impact of his corrupted style of business making in Ethiopia and on poor Ethiopians is more tragic that one can ever imagine.

He has also created conditions whereby his families and himself can flourish and, on the other hand, he has his hands on the increase of severity, violence, or bitterness which TPLF projected on Ethiopians who already have little voice for their own destiny. Al Amoudin owns almost all the resources in which Ethiopians depend on and he probably has never thought that the poor Ethiopians spend their lives working at the exact location where he steps his feet on, now the lands and the resources belong to him.
Ethiopians do not really care how "important" he claims to be, Al Amoudi is self-indulgent, filthy person or gypper. He should be thrown out of the society and he should be socially unacceptable in Ethiopia. Above all, he thought that the Ethiopian society would accept him because of his fortune but now he is perfectly seeing it that Ethiopians are not accepting what he is doing against the country and the citizen of that land. Ethiopians are not judging him by how rich he is , but he is being judged for being selfish and egomania.
In the future, When Ethiopians begin living in their own country based on equality where there won't be no differences in personal wealth that motivate selfish people to hurt the poor ones, Only then will Al Amoudi have little or nothing to gain.
For now, Ethiopians do not tolerate his kindness to TPLF terroris group that is killing and murdering innocent Ethiopians on the street. He may have enormous wealth to figure out a way to buy power and influence to monopolize ownership of factories, and all sort of resources in Ethiopia in which many Ethiopians depend on. Under his Identity, part of the profit of every resources goes into TPLF members pocket who are ripping off the country's wealth apart.
If Al Amoudi is a true Ethiopian, Ethiopians who are doing useful, important, truly valuable and creative things in factories, farms, hospitals, and schools would have been rewarded for doing things that helps lots of Ethiopians rather than rewarding the terrorist group "TPLF" with 5.5 million Birr.

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